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Getting the I.T. people in can sometimes be a daunting prospect. This need not be the case! We have written this guide to make sure that you get the best value for your money when we visit you onsite or when you submit a remote support request.

First steps you can take…

1. Install all windows updates for your computer
2. Update all other software packages
3. Restart your computer after all updates have been installed.

Let us know what the problem is in as much detail as possible.

This helps us understand where the problem might be in much less time, thereby saving you money. The first thing to tell us is what you were doing at the time and what software you had open.

Having a few small problems

If you have a few small problems write them on a list until you have about 5 of them before you call IT. That way we can take care of it all in one session saving you money for multiple call outs and support requests.

Critical Communications issues

If the phones or internet go down, because you can no longer communicate the major concern is that business may grind to a halt.

First Steps you can take…

1. Shut down all your computer equipment – this includes servers and network devices like routers, switches and PBX phone systems.
2. Once this has been done, start your server first,  if you have one,  and wait for it to be up and running.  Then restart your network devices one at a time starting with your router.

In most cases this will fix the problem but if you are still having problems connecting, now is the time to call your internet service provider to check that everything is running at their end.
If you still have problems after taking these steps call us and we will respond as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Update guides
Windows Vista and windows 7
Windows 8

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