We Take Care of Technology,  so You can Take Care of Business

Computer Repairs

We Fix All type of Computers from Laptops to Desktops and any Size Inbetween.

Computer Repairs

No matter how old or new your computer we can help when things are not working the way they should. Call us in before you spend money on a new computer in most cases repairs are more cost effective, and are also helping the planet. Call Us we would love to help!

Productivity Tools

The Right Tools at the Right Time Wherever You are to Take Care of Business

Productivity Tools

Having the right tools for the job is essential in an business. Talk to us today about productivity tools that puts infomation at your fingertips when you need it wherever you are.

Computer Security

Monitored protection to keep your data safe, and your hardware going.

Protection from Start to Finish

Our Computer and Server monitoring service is a great way to to prevent problems. Talk to us today how we can customise this service to protect your data and hardware.


Communication has become a fundamental part life and business.

Data and Phone Solutions You Can Count On

Communication has become a fundamental part life and business. Digital communication systems cannot only save you money but also help you communicate more effectively. Talk to us today to see how we can help.


Talk to us today about our web services

Get your online presence sorted

We build intuitive, user-friendly options so you can quickly and easily update and manage your site.

Cloud Services

Thinking about getting a server?

Thinking about getting a server ?

If you are considering buying a server why not leave it in the cloud? Talk to us today to see how the cloud can save you money.
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Technology Service Plans

We all know that business can be uncertain at times and dealing with large one off expenses can cause unnecessary stress that distracts you from your business. Talk to us today about our Service Plans to keep your business up and running.

Benefits include

  • Software to prevent problems before they start.
  • Protection to keep you and your data safe.
  • Enterprise backup services.
Keeping an eye on your computer hardware is essential to keeping your computer healthy. Most computer hardware issues do not need to be disruptive to you and your business. Servicing computers regularly can significantly reduce your IT spend, not to mention preventing prolonged downtime when computers fail. Talk to us today to see how we can help.
We have all heard the old adage backup backup backup. How many of us can truly say that we have a backup plan in place for our critical business data? In most businesses and especially small businesses we find that this is something that is an afterthought. Let us help you today to get this sorted.
In today’s IT world there are many threats capable of crippling your IT hardware and software. Getting your antivirus and firewalls in place is an essential part of keeping yourself and your data safe. Talk to us today about getting this sorted and discuss what additional measures you can take to keep yourself safe.

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